Saturday, January 22, 2011

Las Vegas & Lake Mead

I haven't had a good internet connection for a few weeks cause I have been out in the desert and whatnot, but I am going to try and update everything with the quickness. We left LA and headed for Las Veags. We spent a little but of time walking the strip and parked near the strip in a neighborhood close to a Bug. We hoped VW Love would work~ which it did. Its hard to find a good place to park in Vegas for hours to walk around, at least not near the strip. So we camped for the most part out at Lake Mead. We had to pay a $5 entrance fee which was "good for 5 days" however there was no gate, so I believe that at nights you can enter the park and camp for free. The spots posted stated 7 day camping limits but we never saw any rangers off the parkway around Lake Mead. There were a lot of coyotes out there and a pack of four walked close past the Bus when we were in it. But they didn't bother us, we could usually only hear them in the distance. It's a good place to camp for now, but the lake is evaporating. After hanging out at Lake Mead we met up with a new VW friend on The Samba named Eric who we followed down to Lake Havasu for Buses By the Bridge 15!...
Circus Circus

Lake Mead

Our Camp spot

Some Paintings I made and sold at BBB

The Old Strip at 4:30am


  1. Hi Laura! We mostly lurk, but we always read your blog. We just wanted to tell you how much we love your paintings. You're very talented.

  2. Thank you! I want to try to do some more VW themed paintings~ I love to paint cars! :D