Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I. Love. Ikea.

Last weekend, during my awesomely awesome "spring break" I traveled to Ikea in Charlotte, and I was amazed to find so many useful, inexpensive & visually pleasing items I can actually use in my bus! They have laminate flooring for $1.25/sq ft, under cabinet storage options, magnetic strips, so much! Another trip is in order once I get closer to interior decorations...

Tonight after work we plan on removing the rest of the rust & hopefully putting the new seals & windows back in. After that is done then I will be ready to paint & with the windows in I can start wiring & insulation (this weekend??). Now that the bus is looking a lot better its easier for Tommy, Trey & I to put a lot of effort in to it without taking breaks saying "jeez... there's so much..."

Saturday we had a little accident with the driver's side rear window removal... well the removal was easy, but now we need a new window... So Saturday Trey & I plan to go around to neighboring junk yards to see what we can find.
I'll be looking for:
Luggage Rack
Bike Rack
Bumpers (our front bumper is pretty shotty)
Extended bumper???
A rear window...
Front Bucket Seats
Storage options
Cushions for Rock & Roll seat (ours are OK but one is pretty rough)
Tire Mount for front

I know carrying the tire on the front of the bus may not be as attractive as it could be, but I know that I can use the extra space in the van for storage. I am pretty sure I am missing the roof rack for the "Luggage Rack" as there are holes but nothing to go into the holes... If I can't find one of those nifty metal ones (sell online for over $200) then I think I am going to go with cargo straps sold @ Go Westy for $50, right now has an April special of $10 off! http://www.gowesty.com/ec_view_details.php?id=3664
But for $100 they have this http://www.gowesty.com/ec_view_details.php?id=4347 which may be better for me, depending on what I really need to store up there... Right now I know I will need a place to store my way awesome side tent which attaches to the sliding door. But who knows, I may end up selling that further on down the road. I love the option of having another room, but the circus side show colors just don't really do it for me. :P

I don't have my camera with me today, but I will definitely get some pics of my bus with it's tent...

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